Product and process engineering

The specific know-how of our technicians is avail-able to develop the product and to find the opti-mal geometry, in order to meet end-user needs. This analysis is supported by the use of rheological and structural simulation soft-wares.

Mould design and manufacture

Esistampi mould design approach is always pro-active: the experience acquired over years of ac-tivity is available for the customer to take the right decision to get good parts for testing since the first trial and to have a robust process.
Know-how of our workers together to a first class, constantly renewed, machines list allow to manu-facture the mould with short lead-time and high quality, with a significant reduction of the mould set up phase.

Trial, optimization and start-up

The availability of injection machines up to 3000 tons allows to test the 90% of the moulds pro-duced with production conditions, and to speed-up the set-up phase.
Esistampi has a specialised team to support the customer at its premises for the start-up of the mould, setting it to optimal parameters, quickly and efficiently.

Injection moulding

Thanks to the installation of new injection ma-chines with a range from 210 to 3,000T, all capa-ble of producing bi-material or gas-injected parts, Esistampi has increased the production capacity of the injection department and is able to support customers in serial production.